In the current job market for employers the hardest thing is finding the right candidates for your agency or website(to be honest for developers it is hard to find good clients as well). When hiring someone people still continue to be in doubts wheather the developer can complete the job proplerly or no. I have devoted years to creating portfolio and experiance which will not frusterate my clients.

To solve one of the propblems mentioned above I have createed WP Frogs channel. There I am creating tutorials over multiple aspects of programming, most of them are WordPress development tutorials. Recently I am more focused on creation of plugin development videos.

Here is short summory of main aspects which you might find useful before hiring me.

  1. Quality  – you will have wise architecture which will make sure your website will serve your your business for a long time, as well as it will be cheaper and easier to add new features to the website when you need them
  2. Speed – I don’t use a tone of external libraries which eventually results into errors in console and slow loading of the website 
  3. Security – As a certified ethical hacker I always make sure that no hacker can access your website
  4. Fast communication – One of the main aspects of successful business is fast communication. With me you always have it.
  5. Guarantee – You can sleep safely being sure that your website will always work wheather.

My services cost either 25 dollars an hour in case of hourly job and prices for website start from 600 dollars.